Chapter III

Pillar Two: Go Beneath the Problem

  1. I. Introduction (20m)
  2. II. Pillar One: Listen Differently (15m)
  3. III. Pillar Two: Go Beneath the Problem (20m)
  4. IV. Pillar Three: Embrace Complexity (25m)
  5. V. Pillar Four: Counter Confirmation Bias (15m)
  6. VI. Conclusion (15m)

Complicating the Narratives Toolkit


Go beneath the problem by asking questions that get to people’s deeper motivations, not just their positions. Keep it personal with your questions, so you get people off their usual talking points. Curious questions elicit interesting information that can help paint a more accurate and complex picture of your source.

You go beneath the problem you’re covering by asking different types of questions (aka the 22 interview questions to “complicate the narrative”).

Story Annotation