1. I. Introduction (20m)
  2. II. Pillar One: Listen Differently (15m)
  3. III. Pillar Two: Go Beneath the Problem (20m)
  4. IV. Pillar Three: Embrace Complexity (25m)
  5. V. Pillar Four: Counter Confirmation Bias (15m)
  6. VI. Conclusion (15m)

Complicating the Narratives Toolkit

Interview Using Looping and the 22 Questions

Participants at the North Carolina Humanities Council 'Can We Talk?' Forum, March 14-15, 2019.

When looping in an interview and using one or more of the 22 interview questions to “complicate the narrative,” here are three formulas you can use:

Interview Formula One:

  1. Loop the first question (exp. “What’s oversimplified about this issue?”)
  2. Say: “Tell me more...”
  3. Loop the response
  4. Ask one of the 22 questions
  5. Loop again
  6. Get the facts

Interview Formula Two:

  1. Get the facts
  2. Ask clarifying questions about the facts
  3. Put the issue into context & gain clarity by looping
  4. Say “Tell me more...”
  5. Ask one of the 22 questions
  6. Loop the response

Interview Formula Three:

  1. Loop in the pre-interview
  2. When the interview begins get the facts
  3. Clarify the facts
  4. Ask one of the 22 questions
  5. Loop
  6. Say “Tell me more…”
  7. Loop the response (if time)

The 22 Questions

Q&A with Jessica Boehm: Using the 22 Questions to Go Beneath the Problem