1. I. Introduction (5m)
  2. II. The Essentials of Teaching Solutions Journalism (60m)
  3. III. Teaching Solutions Journalism as a Module (15m)
  4. IV. Customized Approaches to Teaching Solutions Journalism (25m)
  5. V. Resources (45m)

J-School Curriculum Builder

Sources: Professors and Students

Solutions Journalism Educators Academy

If you need more, please reach out to any of the contacts listed below. And if you’ve gotten this far, there’s a good chance you’ll be teaching a solutions journalism course at some point. When you do, please send us your own teaching materials to help make this resource as useful as possible. If you have questions or ideas or just want to connect, please do! Email Sara Catania, director of j-school partnerships, at

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  • Erin Siegal McIntyre

    Hi, is it possible to download the curriculum guide as a .PDF?


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