1. I. Introduction (10m)
  2. II. Making the Case (20m)
  3. III. Practicing Solutions Journalism (30m)
  4. IV. Case Study: The Montgomerey Advertiser (20m)
  5. V. Solutions for the Most Common Stumbling Blocks (40m)

Editor Toolkit

Communicating the Change

The landing page of the Montgomery Advertiser's solutions journalism section.

In March 2018, the Advertiser officially launched its new content strategy. Krift penned a column promoting the change, and solutions journalism stories got their own landing page. The newsroom also launched a Facebook page dedicated to solutions journalism, and uses the hashtag #sojomgm for branding. Krift also has ideas to engage community leaders about the change; by reaching out to organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, he hopes to catalyze trickle-down awareness of the outlet’s new solutions orientation. “It’s not really real unless you announce it,” he says. Future plans include community meet-ups: reporter-led conversations that anyone can show up to and discuss the news and the Advertiser’s coverage.


“Everyone bought into it because it’s good journalism.”

Bro Krift
The Montgomery Advertiser
Making the Change Accessible

Solutions for the Most Common Stumbling Blocks