1. I. Introduction (15m)
  2. II. Health Reporting (40m)
  3. III. Health Storytelling (15m)

Health Guide


Next time you look at a dataset, here are a few ways to consider slicing it to find a noteworthy positive deviant. This table is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather to spur your imagination a bit. For more on the Slices approach, see the Core Toolkit.

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Strategy Description Health Example
Change Over Time
Which place has made newsworthy improvement?

Riverside Med Center drastically cuts infection rates


Comparison to Peers
Which place is doing better than its comparable peers?

Latinos Live Longest Despite Poverty. Here’s Their Secret

Yes! Magazine

Method/Best Practice
Which place is succeeding with innovative new ideas?

Why doctors are prescribing legal aid for patients in need

PBS NewsHour

Which place has greatly expanded access to a solution?

Minnesota program embeds therapists in schools

The Post Crescent

Which place has improved outcomes for a particular population?

FDA’s ‘terrible policy error’ blocks simple step to prevent fatal birth defects

The Seattle Times

Which government has instituted successful new policies to solve a problem?

The City That Unpoisoned Its Pipes

Next City

Which place has reduced racial, geographic or socioeconomic disparities in outcomes?

Detroit Team Shrinks Breastfeeding Disparities

Women's E-News

Which place has maintained good service while reducing costs?

Busting the billion-dollar myth: how to slash the cost of drug development


Which place has managed to deliver a service or achieve a desired outcome in less time?

Wait Times Improve; Telemedicine in Play

Rio Grade Sun

Basic Cheese Pizza
A basic small slice of the problem. Kids’ consumption of fruit and veg - a small slice of obesity.

Fruit, Not Fries: Lunchroom Makeovers Nudge Kids Toward Better Choices


Finding Solutions Stories

Evidence Introduction