1. I. Introduction (10m)
  2. II. Violence Reporting (40m)
  3. III. Violence Storytelling (10m)

Violence Guide


Next time you look at a dataset, here are a few ways to consider slicing it to find a noteworthy positive deviant. This table is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather to spur your imagination a bit. For more on the Slices approach, see the Core Toolkit.

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Strategy Description Story Example
Change Over Time
Which place has made newsworthy improvement?

Police 'de-escalation' training — how it could help Chicago

Chicago Tribune

Comparison to Peers
Which place is doing better than its comparable peers?

Santa Ana's 10-year war on prostitution

Orange County Register

Method/Best Practice
Which place is succeeding with innovative new ideas?

The simple idea that could transform US criminal justice

The Guardian

Which place has greatly expanded access to a solution?

Battling America's other PTSD crisis

Yahoo! News

Which place has improved outcomes for a particular population?

When Women Must Choose Between Abuse And Homelessness

The Huffington Post

Which government has instituted successful new policies to solve a problem?

How Conservative, Tough-On-Crime Utah Reined In Police Militarization


Which place has reduced racial, geographic or socioeconomic disparities in outcomes?

How the Gun Control Debate Ignores Black Lives


Which place has maintained good service while reducing costs?

Preventing Crime for Pennies on the Dollar


You Are About to Learn About Violence Storytelling

Issue: School Discipline

Violence Storytelling