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Your one-stop guide to producing solutions journalism—rigorous and compelling reporting on responses to social problems. From finding great story ideas, to asking the perfect interview question, to spinning a powerful narrative, it all starts here.


2 hours

What You'll Learn: The key tenets of solutions journalism. What is it? What is it not? Why is it important? And how to make it happen, from idea to reporting to completed story.

Who It's For: Journalists who want to add rigor and impact to any sort of reporting.

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I. Introduction (30min)


How do I know it's Solutions Journalism?

How do I know it's NOT Solutions Journalism?

Why Solutions Journalism?

What Kind of Impact Can Solutions Journalism Have?

Solutions Journalism in Your Workflow?

II. Basic Reporting (60min)

Steps to Creating a Solutions Story


Reporting Instructively on Failure


Bringing a Solutions Lens to Short Pieces

Solutions Journalism and Investigations


Good Solutions Stories...

Conducting Interviews for a Solutions-Oriented Story?


Crafting Your Pitch

Bringing a Solutions Focus to Your Beat

III. Basic Storytelling (30min)

Structuring a Solutions-Oriented Story

Story Type: Positive Deviant

Story Type: Big New Idea

Story Type: Experiment in Progress

Story Type: Location Transformation

Heroes vs. Characters

Explore Our Issue Guides

Hechinger thumbnail Education guide

Education Guide


1 hour, 25 minutes

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: How to apply the solutions lens to the most pressing issues in public education, with a special focus on navigating complex evidence.

WHO IT'S FOR: Education beat reporters who want to raise the bar on their coverage.

Violence guide

Violence Guide


1 hour

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: How to reframe coverage of gun crime, sexual assault, detention, and more — with advice and examples from reporters in the trenches.

WHO IT'S FOR: Journalists ready to change their approach to reporting on crime.

Health guide

Health Guide


1 hour, 10 minutes

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: How to use solutions reporting to enhance coverage of complex issues such as access to care, substance use disorder, and mental health treatment.

WHO IT'S FOR: Health reporters aiming to shift the lens on their beat.

Go Deeper

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Editor ToolKit

1 hour, 50 minutes

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: How to get your newsroom staff started on solutions journalism — and how to build toward integration of the approach across your coverage. When to employ solutions reporting to build audience engagement and community impact.

WHO IT'S FOR: Editors who find the solutions approach intrinsically attractive — and want to take it from concept to sustained practice in their news organizations.

Coming Soon!

Engagement ToolKit

2 hours

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: How to design and manage online and offline activities that amplify solutions stories to drive audience interest and more constructive public discourse. How to create feedback loops that can inform future coverage and metrics of your work’s impact.

WHO IT'S FOR: Reporters and editors who see powerful potential pathways from between solutions journalism and engagement — and want to build those connections consistently into newsroom practice.

Collaborative playbook

Collaborative Playbook


2 hours

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: How to design an effective collaborative between/among news organizations, including how to surmount challenges such as editorial direction, spending decisions of shared funds and internal communications.

WHO IT'S FOR: Editors interested in designing a collaborative or working with other news organizations in a joint reporting initiative.

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  • Can be character-driven, but focuses in-depth on a response to a problem and how the response works in meaningful detail
  • Focuses on effectiveness, not good intentions, presenting available evidence of results
  • Discusses the limitations of the approach
  • Seeks to provide insight that others can use

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